Power over Cable Transceiver - Dahua

Artikelnummer: PFM810

Input: DC 24-36 Volt
Output: DC 12 Volt
Für Kamera mit max. 9 Watt
Wird ohne Netzteil geliefert. Empf. Netzteil MW-GST25A-24-P1J

Kategorie: CVI Zubehör

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Achtung: Wird ohne Netzteil geliefert. Empf. Netzteil MW-GST25A-24-P1J

Power supply: Input voltage DC24-36V, can provide DC12V 9W(max) power supply to remote cameras, simplify engineering wiring
Transmission effect: Real-time transmission video, no delay, strong anti-interference. Transmission distance: 400m (max)
Transmission distance: 400m (max)
Main functions: Use single coaxial cable real-time transmit 1-ch HD video signal and 1-ch DC power
Protection and anti-interference: Excellent anti-thunder, anti-static and anti-interference capabilities

Transmission Signal 1 channel HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS
Transmission Distance 720P/1080P: 400M(max)
Power Supply Cable type Input Voltage Distance Output Power
75-3 DC24 0-100m DC12V 4W
100-150m DC12V 3W
DC36 0-100m DC12V 9W
100-200m DC12V 6W
RG59(75-4) DC24 0-100m DC12V 5W
100-250m DC12V 3W
DC36 0-150m DC12V 9W
150-300m DC12V 6W
RG6(75-5) DC24 0-100m DC12V 6W
100-300m DC12V 3.5W
300-400m DC12V 3W
DC36 0-400m DC12V 7W
Category Type Coax 75-5(RG6)/75-4(RG59)/75-3
Video Transmission Properties
Coaxial Video Connector BNC-M
Connection Way BNC
Compatible Format HDCVI/TVI/AHD
Resolution 720P/1080P
Anti-interference >60db
ESD 1a contact discharge electricity level 3
1b air discharge electricity level 3
Per: IEC61000-4-2
Coaxial Cable Connector 2KV(common-code)
Per: IEC61000-4-5
UTP Cable Connector 2KV(different-code), 4KV(common-code)
Per: IEC61000-4-5
Coax 75 ohms
Physical Properties
Dimension(L*W*H) 78mm*29mm*22mm
Shell ABS
Color Black
N.W. 153g
MTBF >10000H
Operating Temperature -10~55?
Storage Temperature -20~70?
Humidity 0~95%(non-condensing)