American Dynamics ADCC0300 Keyboard

Artikelnummer: ADCC0300

ControlCenter, RS485/RS232, 3-axis joystick,
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Kategorie: SensorRail III

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ControlCenter 200/300 Keyboards are robust, full-function system keyboards compatible with the MegaPower family of matrix switcher/controller systems. These keyboards feature color-coded elastomeric keys that have a true tactile feel. Cameras, presets, patterns, views, and auxiliaries are all easily controlled. All system activities, including tours, salvos and alarms, can be controlled directly from the keyboard. The keyboards offer recorder control for VCRs and digital video recorders (DVRs). The keyboards’ vector-solving joystick provides one-handed control of the selected fixed or variable-speed pan/tilt or dome. ControlCenter 300 keyboards also provide twist-to-zoom control of motorized lenses. With either model, you can select ADnet (RS-485) control for MegaPower LT or RS-232 control for MegaPower 48 Plus and MegaPower 3200 systems. The keyboards have adjustable baud rates to properly match the requirements of the matrix switcher/controller system. In addition, ControlCenter 200 is an operator keyboard, providing no system or camera programming capabilities, when used with MegaPower 48 Plus and MegaPower 3200 systems. Both ControlCenter keyboards support the DirectSet dome control function. Using a dedicated key, you can easily bring up the dome camera function menu and change the setting or enter the function number directly to quickly change the setting (e.g. change from day mode to night mode). Features Choice of models with variable-speed and vector-solving joysticks Selectable keyboard protocols, RS-232 or ADnet (RS-485), for control of various matrix switching systems LCD with adjustable contrast Tactile, color-coded elastomeric keys Preset, pattern, and auxiliary control Lens, tour, salvo, and alarm control DirectSet dome function control Passcode protection for programming functions ADnet (RS-485) mode RS-485 control of MegaPower LT Direct control of RS-232 devices via remappable keys RS-232 for MegaPower 48 Plus and MegaPower 3200 systems Video recorder control (DVRs and VCRs)

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