Lithium Batterie für Box Solar Kamera - Dahua

Artikelnummer: PFM372-LS20-H

Lithium Batterie für Box Solar Kamera
Batterie 216 Wh, 10.8 V, 20 Ah

Kategorie: 4G - 5G Solar Kameras

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Lithium Battery

> Sturdy structure built of Q235 steel, with IP65 certification.
> Auto-heat function activates in low temperatures to ensure the continuous, stable operation.
> UN38.3 certified battery guarantees the safety and quality of the device.
> *UN38.3 certified battery passed high and low temperature cycle test, vibration test, impact test, high simulation, 55 °C external short circuit test, overcharge test and forced discharge test.
> Lithium battery has a longer cycle life than traditional lead-acid battery.
> CE, FCC, and UKCA certified.
> Protection against overcharge, over-discharge and short circuits.
> Adapts easily to the Integrated Solor Panel System (DH-PFM378-B60-W).