16-Channel 1-Bay Transportation Standalone NVR

Artikelnummer: MNR-320P

EAN: 4718201797037

Anzahl Lizenzen: 16 Kanal
Festplatten: Ohne Festplatten
Festplatten max: 1 TB

Kategorie: Kameras für mob. Einsatz

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Product Type : Standalone NVR
Maximum Number of Video devices : 16
Free License : 16 (16-channel for ACTi and 1-channel for third-party video device)
Built-in PoE Connectors : 4 Ports
Wireless : Yes (Wi-Fi, 4G need optional accessories)
Built-in Analytics : Yes
HDD Interface : Maximum 1 SATA disk (Without Storage Disk)
External Storage Interface : USB
Digital Zoom : Yes
e-Map : Yes
PTZ Control : Yes
Remote Access : Workstation, Web Client (IE), Mobile Client (iOS & Android)